Metatools Academy

“The calling of a leader is to grow other leaders” – Robin Sharma

Robin S. Sharma is a Canadian writer and speaker in leadership, motivation and personal development.

Because we are continuously developing our business and also the education is a priority for us, we just opened the Metatools Academy’s doors!

Why? Because we are willing for a provided space for work-shops, trainings and hands on, that help understanding the products. Moreover, out library will host relevant documents and catalogues about technical information of product’s. We just had the first work-shop & lesson, together with our colleagues from sales and service departments.

The Academy offers us the possibility to use the new products, test them and to do some applications / small projects. The information learned helps for a better understanding, especially for our team (sales, technical consultancy, service departments). The most important advantage is that our clients and partners are able to interact with our team, participate at our work-shop and hands-on the novelties. All the activities are going to take part in special rooms, equipped with everything is needed, that allows us to run every project we propose.

Through this investment we wish that everybody who takes part of the trainings we are carry out, will be able to understand the market, its trending, the new technology, the variety of the products and last but not least, the practical knowledge.

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