Products warranty


What is the warranty?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects or hidden defects of parts / sub-assemblies, and their installation errors. It does not cover normal wear or malfunction of the machine as reasons not attributable to the manufacturer (transport or incorrect storage, wrong choice, not using the product according to the technical data and/or instructions for use included in the accompanying technical book, the use of inappropriate accessories, overloading over the specified parameters, the absence of regular maintenance, improper use of some oils or fuels).

Warranty Policy

Customer Obligations:

  • To present the original copy of the Certificate of warranty and purchase invoice for products purchased from Romania or purchase invoicefor goods purchased abroad;
  • To prove the correlation between identification of products (product code or product serial number) and what is written in the Certificate of warranty;
  • To come to the service unit for troubleshooting within the warranty period, as specified in the Certificate of warranty;
  • To ensure product integrity during the warranty period against: hitting, crushing, intrusion of foreign bodies in the product etc .;
  • Use the power source with technical data in compliance with all rules of labor protection;
  • Only allow the dismantling of the product if it is performed by authorized service for solving warranty cases;
  • To ensure regular maintenance of equipment/product;
  • Use only original spare parts (carbon brushes, air filters, oil and fuel, spark plugs, transmission belts, bearings, spindles, power cords etc.);
  • To remedy the product fault, the customer need to require the repair as a warranty case.
  • For damage occurring due to non-compliance of the customer, the customer will bear the cost of finding the defective parts and also the costs for replacing those defective parts.

Department Service Obligations:

  • To make the findings necessary to obtain an assessment of defects reported by customers in a interval as short as possible;
  • Disclose to the client the causes that led to the failure of the product;
  • To alert the customer to any gaps in use;
  • For manufacturing defects, defective parts replacement will be without additional costs from the client;
  • To extend the period of warranty time from the date of registration of the complaint till the date when the product is repaired;
  • To provide post-warranty service services for the whole range of products sold.

Reception conditions for products into the service department

  • Faulty products are registered to the service department only after they were submitted to a summary inspection and the client signed an document containing the estimated cost of the repair;
  • The products under warranty must be accompanied by a Certificate of warranty. At the same time, the customer agrees that the check of the warranty conditions are carried out by authorized staff of the service department;
  • The warranty is not granted in case of improper use, normal wear or overload, also, supplies and accessories (brushes, chucks, adapters, power cords, filters, plugs) are not covered by the warranty. For questions please refer to the detailed list of cases that are exempt from the warranty;
  • Any intervention carried out by unauthorized persons voids the warranty;
  • If the customer does not collect the product repaired within 15 days from the date of repair (notification), the service department can recover parts replaced and the customer pays the workmanship;
  • If within three months of the receipt into the service department, the product is not picked up by the client, the product will be considered abandoned;
  • The person that deliver the machines into the service department and then signs the repair order is considered empowered by their owners to take decisions on the acceptance or refusal of the machines repair;
  • The estimated cost for the repair will be sent by fax or e-mail so that the recipient will give written consent for the repair;
  • The repair cost is paid when the machine is taken from the service department, and if the machine is repaired, we will decrease the value of the workmanship;
  • If the machine can not be repaired, according to safety rules and labor protection, they will be delivered disassembled.