Metatools’s engineers have delivered a welding installation so as to equip a welding-locksmith department within a private company. The project aimed to modernize and diversify production through the purchase of equipment that maximizes performance. The project was to deliver and install a mechanized welding equipment ESAB Cab 300 5 × 5. This facility addresses weld metal confections companies how are seeking for greater productivity at reduced costs.

The new system allows the client to automate the production process, especially in the case of large objects, difficult to weld by manual welding. The standard CaB 300 S column and explosion can attain over distances of 3 m to 5 m both horizontally and vertically. The 4×4 dimension is able to bear 150 kg weight at the finish of the explosion. The A2 and A6 fusing systems are effortlessly pooled with the CaB 300 S.