The mobile service department conducted an electrical intervention on LTS panel on a Pramac GBW 22Y power generator. The technicians have identified that the network contactor coil burned. After completing the specific operations were performed functional tests.The generator was equipped with an increased diesel tank and had an external power system.

The Load Transfer Switch (LTS) panel operates the power supply changeover between the generator and the Mains in backup applications, guarantying the feeding to the load within a short period of time. It consists of a standalone cabinet which can be installed separate from the generating set. The logic control of the power supply changeover is operated by means of the Automatic Control panel mounted on the generating set, so therefore none logic device is required on the LTS panel.

Pramac GBW 22Y  technical details:

  • Standby power LTP: 16.8/20.9 kw/kva;
  • Prime power PRP: 15.2/19.0 kw/kva;
  • Engine manufacturer: Yanmar;
  • Engine cooling system: water;
  • Fuel: diesel.