The mobile team services were requested for an emergency intervention on a nonfunctional Pramac GSW 275 genset. The work performed by the technicians was to replace an relay on the Volvo engine. After completing the specific operations, functional tests were performed.

Pramac GSW 275 technical details:

  • Standby power LTP: 220/275 kw/kva;
  • Prime power PRP: 198,9/248,7 kw/kva;
  • Engine manufacturer: Volvo;
  • Engine cooling system: water;
  • Fuel: diesel;
  • Soundproof canopy made up of modular panels, realized with zinced steel as treatment against corrosion and aggressive conditions, properly fixed and sealed allowing a full weatherproof enclosure;
  • Easy access to the genset for maintenance purposes thanks to: Wide lateral access doors fixed by stainless steel hinges and provided with plastic lockable handles and internal perforated galvanized steel-sheet; Detachable panels, with screws holes protected by rubber tap;
  • Control panel protection door provided with suitable window and lockable handle;
  • Lateral air inlet opening properly protected and soundproofed. Exhaust air outlet from the roof, trough wet section protected by proper grid;
  • Double lifting points frame structure.