The project consisted in installing a distribution box on the Pramac GSW 30 power generator. Such works are executed for supplying different user on construction sites. The GSW series is available with a range of accessories providing a versatile solution to a variety of applications. This family of generators offers the best performance under the most difficult and variable operating conditions.

Pramac GSW 30 technical details:

  • Standby power LTP: 26,4/33 kw/kva;
  • Prime power PRP: 25,8/32,3 kw/kva;
  • Engine manufacturer: Yanmar;
  • Double lifting points frame structure;
  • Fuel: diesel;
  • Engine cooling system: water/antifreeze;
  • Soundproof canopy made up of modular panels, realized with zinced steel as treatment against corrosion and aggressive conditions, properly fixed and sealed allowing a full weatherproof enclosure;
  • Easy access to the genset for maintenance purposes thanks to: Wide lateral access doors fixed by stainless steel hinges and provided with plastic lockable handles and internal perforated galvanized steel-sheet; Detachable panels, with screws holes protected by rubber tap;
  • Control panel protection door provided with suitable window and lockable handle.