The mobile service department delivered and installed a Pramac GSW 220 power generator  for the beneficiary. After delivery and installation, were performed functional tests and voltage drop simulations.

This range of generators includes a complete instrumentation panel, which offers maximum protection and the highest endurance, making them suitable for many high demanding activities, such as rental, telecommunications, UPS systems and industrial applications.

Pramac GSW 220 technical details:

  • Standby power LTP : 176.0/220.0 kw/kva;
  • Prime power PRP: 162.9/203.7 kw/kva;
  • Engine manufacturer: Volvo;
  • Engine cooling system: water/antifreeze;
  • Fuel: diesel;
  • Efficient residential silencer placed inside the canopy;
  • Soundproof canopy made up of modular panels, realized with zinced steel as treatment against corrosion and aggressive conditions, properly fixed and sealed allowing a full weatherproof enclosure;
  • Robust mechanical structure which permits easy access to the connections and components during routine maintenance check-ups.