Metatools’s engineers have delivered and installed an ABKANT PPS 3120 machine. The objective of the project was to modernize the development projects/prototypes department, within the laboratory of metallic confections of a private company.

Standard equipment:

The sturdy design of the folding press includes a generously sized rod for ensuring that the movable sliding block is in a parallel position while lowering in pressure.

  • Collapsible, adjustable ground steel support table for a high degree of precision and durability;
  • Hydraulic power unit with double safety switch and adjustable pressure;
  • Support arms for sheet metal up to 500mm for ease of use;
  • The back gauge is fixed on a slide bar for narrow work pieces; it is height-adjustable, depth is adjustable with micrometrical screw for high precision. The fingers on the back gauge are retractable;
  • Quick and easy die turning;
  • X Y double-axis programmer, 19 programmes for 19 bends;
  • Various dies depending on the model (see details);
  • 86° radius 0.6mm punch, 550 and/or 800mm in length according to the model;
  • Light safety curtains: class 4 front;
  • Foot operated control;
  • Power supply 400 V three-phase + neutral.