Metatools is always attentive to the customers needs so, for the heavy equipment that cannot be brought into the service unit, the repair is performed at the beneficiary headquarter, through dedicated teams.

Since 2011 we developed our service department to integrate the mobile service activity for power generators, compressors, tools and dedicated intervention equipment.

These teams of professionals can intervene rapidly and efficiently on construction sites, in the middle of operations or at the clients headquarters. For this type of interventions, our company’s utility cars are fully equipped as mobile workshops with everything necessary for repairing.

Which are the main benefits for your business if you choose our services?

  • Dedicated teams that intervene quickly at the clients headquarters: office buildings, institutions, oil wells, construction sites etc.
  • Permanent spare parts and consumables stock - the use of original parts and consumables
  • We provide training for end users
  • Our technical personnel is trained to solve complex technical problems
  • Focus on preventive maintenance -  diagnostics and verification of the generator/generators in advance

About 90% of repairs made on power generators can be prevented, which is why the mobile service division offers clients a preventive maintenance contract, with lots of benefits:

Attractive discount

  • The contract with the service division brings important benefits, such as early intervention and attractive discounts only for our clients.

No extra costs

  • Through preventive maintenance you control much better the costs. In most cases, simply checking the equipment can lead to the prevention of a problem, before it affects your business.

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