Warranty service authorized

SC METATOOLS SRL, through its service center, provides authorized service warranty and post-warranty for the entire range of tools and industrial equipment, construction machinery, compressors and generators, cleaning equipment, pumps and water pumps as well as for any other product purchased in accordance with the technical specifications from the manufacturer.

Our staff is at your disposal and by analyzing your needs we provide you with concrete solutions at the best value on the market. Moreover, the workshop includes a spare parts warehouse that ensures a high speed execution of the repair works.

Through our specialists in gensets, experts in industrial engines, we provide our clients the full range of after-sales service:

  • Transport, installation and commissioning for portable and stationary gensets, street compressors, industrial machinery etc .;
  • Prompt intervention in the territory with the help of our team from the mobile service department;
  • Training for the operating personnel.